Mental Health in the time of COVID-19

Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression have already been on a spike among people in the coming weeks because of the uncertainty created by the pandemic.

What could be the possible reason?

Stress, anxiety and depression are normal and expected in the context of this pandemic. However, it is very severe for people who are predisposed to depression and anxiety.

At this time, nearly 50 million or more across the world are affected by mental health related issues which is expected to go up in the coming period.

People around the world expect an increase in anxiety and depressive symptoms to come when the experience of social distancing and isolation becomes more routine. They are trying to adjust to a new way of maintaining social connections virtually.

Anxiety and depression may worsen for people who are most susceptible to COVID-19, such as older individuals and those with chronic diseases.
The elderly is more anxious because of their risk factors in regards to catching the virus. For other age groups, there’s a level of heightened stress and uncertainty around when this might end and the financial impact it will have.

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